My husband in our house is the electrician. I am the assistant apprentice. He is responsible for all I know where running a personal electric power supply (a.k.a generator) in our home is concerned. Just saying.
So you know who to blame for the title above. Lol!
Tomorrow is December 31st,the cross over day.(Yayyyy..!)
I have a few thoughts to share with you that I pray might bless you. Please be patient as you read.
December 31st is a date and so is January 1st. No doubt about that. The important thing about those dates however is not the numbers but the interpretation given to them by YOUR CALENDAR.
The former is old. The later is new, that is what makes all the difference.

I hope you know some people predict their “new” year differently?
If not, do you at least agree with the fact that the whole world doesn’t celebrate New year same day. If you don’t, hmm..You’d need a quick study on TIME ZONES.

So what’s a cross over?

It’s simply a change of status.
Meaning you were at one place before then you moved intentionally to another. Between your last and new position there was a demarcation.

You might find it interesting also to note that there really doesn’t have to be a difference between your former place and your newer place. The demarcation in every case is what is important. In this case, as I have already mentioned above, what your calendar says is the demarcation and everyone’s calendar doesn’t necessarily have to be the same.

For instance,if the New year is decided to be January 2nd as against the first, cross over moves from December 31st/January 1st to January 1st/January 2nd. So its not exactly the date. Its about the decision. Its significance largely depending on our beliefs and ultimately mindsets.

Thus the Cross Over we yearly celebrate (and perhaps have quite jinxed) takes place not in any church,prayer mountain,beer parlour, family house or a lover’s arms but actually in our minds.

My “light” illustration..

Between the power supply company and your generator is a change over switch. The power supplied may or may not be different one from another in voltage but the actual key to enjoying either supply lies in your change over switch.
Take that notion further, it lies in your hands.
Take it a little farther;it lies in your ability and readiness to make the switch.

There are many nights in my house when we have put off the generator but forgot to do a change over. The result of that forgetfulness is that the Power Holding company restores power but we remain in the dark. Everyone around us is already enjoying light while we miss out because we didn’t do a change over.

I’m going to relate this illustration to how Israel had, in Goshen, the POWER that Egypt killed their first born sons, livestock and everything they ever had for. Yet Israel remained bent over.

Get my point here.

It doesn’t matter what the pastor is going to say, your responsibility in the new year will not change.
“A lazy man that sleeps in the time of sowing when the harvest comes there will be great sorrow for him”. Proverbs 20:4
No prophetic declaration can overthrow the Word of God. Sorrow(in much hunger) remains the end result of that lazy man,even if his NEW year is tagged YEAR of Harvests.

You are already depressed and you think “a good show” is what you need. Really? When the show is over will your life be over?

Your definition of cross over is to enjoy till stupor. How many tons of drinks will you down to quench the thick emptiness in your heart? None. The only over you’d achieve is a “hang” over.

What celebrity will you pay to go and watch that will change the quality of your life? Will he give his own life in exchange for yours? Absolutely no. Even the world knows there’s only Jesus in that category of celebrity.

So I repeat, “the show will be over”. What will you do about your life?
Note this, it’s not called a show if lasts forever. It’s called a life.
Your LIFE is the real essence of cross over because dead men don’t celebrate New Year.
If you’re alive to see it,there is a purpose to fulfil it. Proverbs 16:1-3.

Every New year comes with fresh opportunities. Unlimited possibilities. If you don’t know or have the vision for your year you will just be walking by and passing time. Nothing to show. Proverbs 29:18

Time is all you’ve got and its unstoppable. Remember,whether you WATCH it or not, the NIGHT will go,the morning will come. What changes your life is the actual change that happens in your mind. Proverbs 23:7

Take for another instance.
As you read right now the whole world has crossed over (by Salvation through Christ’s redemption) but many have failed to do their change over (that is,receive the salvation). Hence though there is light they make their journey constantly towards darkness (eternal damnation).

Don’t make the same mistake by crossing over without doing a heart-mind change over. Otherwise your New Year remains nothing but just a change of calendar. Like old wine in new wineskin your life remains essentially the same!
I pray in Jesus name that you will Cross Over. Much better than a cross over is your change over. May you be able to make that necessary CHANGE in your mind and heart that takes you OVER to your next level in Jesus name!
I’ve received a great Help in that aspect of change and I’d be glad to share with you this Sunday at the Kings Heritage Church ,Press Hall ,Iwe -Iroyin, Ibara GRA, Abeokuta.

It’s an evening service : 4-7pm.

My message is titled : RISE AGAIN.
I want you to know that my year took a new level of LEAP since God gave me this message. As you come my prayer is that yours will too in Jesus name.

Thanks for spending these quality minutes with me.
Happy New Year in advance !
In 2018
Please join me at IGNITE Power Conference Lagos. As we explore together the ministry of: Light!
There is no action in darkness,only destruction. Light brings the illumination to function and produce results in due season. May this be your portion as you come in Jesus name!
January 27th. 10:30 am
Sweet Sensation , behind Total filling station,Ketu Bus stop, Lagos.
Click on the link below to get further updates/ register -
You are blessed in Jesus name.
Good tidings!
‘Seun David-Olurinde.
©December 30,2017.

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I don’t like writing about PD

There are always too many things to write, too many emotions, too many thoughts , eventually it may lead to so many mumbo jumbo of words that should only be in “acts”.

Please note: my emphasis is on the word “too”.

PD is TOO much; Too strong. Too loving; Too trusting; Too believing; Too endearing; Too passionate. Too…too!

I warned you


I met PD sometime in 2005 or perhaps “heard” her voice will be more appropriate. (Biko I’m not talking ‘spiri” things here yet oh).

My first and only memory of my first encounter with her is always that broad authoritative compelling voice of “PDEE”. It’s no fallacy, if you have not heard her, you have not heard her. She isn’t a voice you would miss or forget.

Now on a “spirikoko” level, I can tell you that I hear her loud and clear anytime that matters NOW.

So as I was writing.

I didn’t get to meet her personally until after service one day after many services attended in her branch of the mother church we both belong to.

Emphasis on “branch”.

She met me only to harass me. I lie not.
If you have never been “harassed” by PD, brutally prayed to purpose, emphatically mentored to get on with the program, categorically told to simply lead and unmistakeably pushed to significance not to mention irreversibly raised and finely “exposed” to the supernatural. Nna ,yua notta  shaild of my PD.


Oh yes like I said, she met me after service. Me a prestigious ‘first timer”.  Just introduced by my fiancé (now husband). All I can remember from that destined meeting was her slim fingers indexing firm warning at me. : hey I hear you’ve been planning to take Akin to (so so branch) soora e oh. Akin belongs here. Then came that her trade mark hug and that beautiful wide dentitioned smile.

I loved PD.

So you don’t know PD’s trademark hug?

You need one baby girl, if you’re reading this. It resets. Dassall am gonna say. Ok after I add this: plenty battles have been won/lost in that embrace of virtue. Yes I can tell you that.afterall  I’m her (self acclaimed) “first born”. (oya all my siblings in the Lord, e sue mi!)LOL..

But hey, I wasn’t kidding. There’s an “outpouring” of the spirit, such that kills or raises, whichever grace you need. And that some of us have been privileged to draw from PD. Grace to trample on rejection. Grace to raise the giant on our inside and fan  godly visions to flame.

Dotun Arifalo (Dominion House)(1)

I’ve been privileged to watch and learn while mama prays. That hug  is a trade mark alright.

Hmm.. when will I finish this story like this.

I continue.

The particular meeting I however really want to talk about is the first time we had chance to meet one on one.

I think that day my fate was sealed as a leader. Don’t doubt this. I know I have led before but I knew not that I was “a leader” till I met PD. Trust me those two facts are as different as night and day. But I’m here to talk about my teacher oh, so I can’t teach. (escapes to the next paragraph)

Before coming. I meant before I left my house for PD’s . I had prayed.

Emphasis on prayed.
I don’t mean bread and butter “comman dine the saviour’s calling comman dine..” prayer oh (hmm that was the voice of Charis and CJoy in my head because I know for sure what we sang in my primary school and it wasn’t that). The point here sha is that I did not pray kue kue praya oh.  The kind of prayer I prayed, you wee tink I was going for a revival.

No. It wasn’t  PD’s fault. She  didn’t come off to me as such as a person to get all spooky about. .That “pre-confrence prayer” was purely me. (Ehn ..yes, sis.Martha ..mother Elizabeth emi ni yen). I was far too serious Everything was “serious’ with me. It ought to be , it have to be. That was me. Thank God, the  combo of PD and my husband in my life is a no controversy game changer . You for no even smell me for facebook. I was that serious.

I prayed for PD,I prayed for myself,I prayed for my life and prayed fervently for this meeting. God what is your will for this meeting. Let me not miss it. I don’t usually see a pastor like this. In fact I don’t see any pastor. This one that one fine, Holyghost pastor is so interested in me to call me to her house like this. Lord show me yourself. Reveal your mighty hand .let this meeting not be a waste!

My friend, the only thing that stood out from this meeting after these many years for me would fool you if I do say so. They were mundane, not so serious things. Yet they carved the blueprints of my leadership ordained life for me.

Here they are:

  1. The hug at the door by PD.

( and of course what PD was wearing: A sleeveless black top ,brownish jeans and wig cap)

The supernatural doesn’t have to be spectacular to verify its authenticity. It’s never mystery to see the human side of life with PD. SHES JUST THERE, ALWAYS REACHABLE. Yet potent and effective in her ordination.

  1. The tall glass of carrot juice her husband (PV) made for her to drink.

( yes I always remember that first sight of a homemade, freshly blended carrot made by a healthy-living-conscious MAN for his wife and PD’s grumbled acceptance of the cup and “yuck” grimace when she drank it!)

Imagine! Hmmm, let my husband comman gimme that now and even add ginger and lemon to the concoction. I would gladly lap it up with en”joy”ment. I didn’t say anything oh. Let’s just say I’m PV in this sense (at home).

Dotun Arifalo (Dominion House)

Dear brother and sister that are “called” and planning to get married. What value are you prepared to add to one another? It’s a commitment FOR LIFE. You should go with a “partner” to the place of your calling not just a spouse. A partner is more than a friend or lover. Partners come FITTED for purpose. I don’t care where you are headed, if it’s not my way, we are only sharing a space not going TWO-GETHER.PV and PD is a combo diligently set two-gether by God. You may need to meet them to understand.

  1. The “word” God gave me and confirmed as we saw.

Emphasis on the word.

No I’m not going to share it word for word here oh.

That word is why I’m with PD today. That word is why I’m not a bastard. That word is why I know where I came from and I am not ashamed. That word , still whispered to me in the toughest and most crowded of life’s terrain is bigger than me. I once “ran” away from home. The Word brought me back. I’m not sure I know all there is to know about it but each day I learn and know better by it.

I may not share with you the truth I count private to me. But one thing I know and can share of PD is this: that woman is a phenomenon and  I am eternally grateful to God to have met her.

Many more things to say about PD:

Impact is not a word with PD .it’s an experience.

Mentorship is not a “privilege” with her it is so freely given.

PD is a life lived with many and  is still being lived.

PD is another word for “sold out”; To purpose, to kindness, to humanity, to JESUS.

PD doesn’t just rock she makes the music and hit the blockbuster just so we all can rock too.

I love PD and that’s purely non-emotional. It’s a settled fact of life for me. Emotions can be faked and they can be terrible leaders.

Dear PD, If there’s ever a time you wondered how we came to be , I’m here to say, I am because of God, I will be because of HIM but I am bravely “becoming” (more) through HIM because of you. Thank you. Thank you PD. THANK YOU mama mi. Thank you teacher mi. Thank you Mentor mi.

You cleared the path I can now walk on. Lo I’m building roads there. Someday it might even become as BIG and free as the autobahn but the one who left me a trail to blaze on, was one and ever YOU.


I don’t even know the purpose of this letter… Oh yes it’s an attempt to write about you.

Forgive me if I made no sense.

I just want to write about “PD mi”.

So there was my attempt.


  • Your grateful daughter and through God, forever friend and vision supporter.




We were a church of 10-15 members on paper. 20 was a big number back in December 2014 when started holding Sunday services.

We had no capital nor savings just our faith that God called us to start a church.

Anyone who have had to embark on such a journey before would understand how every little instrument we have is a point for testimony.

We once held a special thanksgiving service just for finding a place for worship on Sundays. Yet it was not our own in too many ways.

So believe me when I tell you that the testimony I’m about to share with you is grand in many ways to all concerned.

Maybe you need to read this in fact, especially if you’re currently working on anything “by faith”.

Coming from the background I just shared, good music (emphasis on good) has been a luxury to us in King Heritage Church.

We mastered the art of corporate clapping,foot tapping and whistling during praise sessions.

We mastered the use of rented keyboards and drum sets to paying amateur keyboardists and drummers. Yet neither the instruments nor the instrumentalists were good. Both demanded our money. We willing gave. Still we had no good music.

Precisely May 2016. I got a word. Psalm 150.

At this time I’d become tired of our state of boring music and mastering substandard methods.

Church as a body had become tired of karaoke praise sessions as well.

We needed a break.

I didn’t know how and somehow, I suspect, I’d become resigned to the lack and felt it was God’s will.

Until I came across the scripture and realised God wanted us to have musical instruments. He wants all the works in music too!

We were doing nothing wrong by desiring a better music experience for our services.

I was overjoyed!

The next service I excitedly shared my revelation with the church. Then took action by leading an effective prayer of faith – declaring the authority in the word ( Psalm 150) and demanding the receipt of our musical instruments.

We thought about it and concluded keyboard is where to start. So we began calling our Keyboard by name every service after that when we pray.

I’d gone to town and checked the particular one we wanted and made a ridiculous down payment for it (less than 15% of the total price).

We started declaring last week of May 2016. By last week in June we had our Keyboard in church!

Until then, every offering or savings we could make couldn’t get us past 50% instalment. We kept declaring and thanking God for our keyboard anyway.

Suddenly from no where a sister and friend living abroad contacted me and said she felt led to give me some cash. I told her the amount I needed to complete our keyboard payment. She agreed and sent it.

Trust the mega thanksgiving we had in church the next service when I shared the testimony.

That was how a church that couldn’t afford good music took delivery of her own ” paid in full” keyboard.

See, we had languished in that want for months.

It has cost us many first timers and unchurched who couldn’t get past the “boring music ” factor.

We were at no where near what we wanted.

Yet we had it all the while we just couldn’t see it.

Soon as we saw, we acted and our decision led to our deliverance.

Friend there’s something about “sight” that’s beyond the usual.

This is why I’d like to share the little I’ve learnt so far about “The Power of Sight ” with you in the next few days. Particularly because July is around the corner again and it’s our month in KHC for the next level. Come 2nd we shall open up the month , the next half of the year and the beginning of our own new year with our vision casting mission strengthening meeting #RaiseTheStandard . An impartation service with Pastor Tunde Akinyemi. Then move fully into the Enterprise Empowered Sundays where Jimi Tewe, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Olumide Oyedeji and my humble self will be used of God to inspire a new generation of young, creative and enterprising adults for significant change in our communities and nation at large. 9,16,23 and 30th July,2017.

No one arrives anywhere significant without a clear picture of where “there” is. Some times you may find no words to describe it but you know it cause you’ve “seen” it. I’m a woman driven and still being driven by vision. As we prepare for July (call this my own testimony time)let me talk to you about “The Power of Sight”. God has brought me this far, I intend to pull as many with me as I can till we all get “there”.

So let’s pick it up from here tomorrow, shall we?

Thank you for reading.


I spoke at length to someone today about my vision on #projecteducate as it concerns certain ministry arms of the government.

After taking me through all the bureaucracy, red tapism and the horrendous paper – walks” involved. He asked me a question : but what’s your motive for doing this?

P.erhaps if he had asked using another word such as lwhy” rather than “motive”. I’d have gone into my endless “yearnings” and blown him up with my innate passion to build up our nation and continent. Particularly equipping women to function maximally in their God given roles.

However having been around Nigerians for some decades now and living in the state I currently reside for the past four years. I’ve learnt a thing or two about  that word :”motive”.

I’ve got to pick my words tentatively to see what exactly I’m meant to answer for him.

It could mean :

” madam, what’s in it for the boys, get to the point quickly ”


“Madam, I don’t trust you, you just want to come and chop like any others ”


” I don’t get you. Are you crazy or less busy?”


I blurted out : look, I’m a missionary, Impact is important to me.

Then I went on to describe to him how I’ve done this in different sectors ( particularly commerce) in the state since I arrived and how I’ve volunteered severally without seeking for cause or profits.

He nodded, ended our conversation ( I must have given him an answer) and I left.

However that question left with mr.

Starting with this :

Why can’t people believe in good anymore?

Must there be something for something – in the context of nothing goes for nothing?

Ah! The decadence.

It’s why I got robbed of my dignity while volunteering at the NGO I first served when I arrived in this state.

The idea that I just want to serve humanity was impossible to swallow so co- workers came up with all sort of vices just to see me outta the door! Before I comman spoil market for dem.

Friendship with the opposite sex must have sexual benefits.

Asking questions about the quality of service given you must be tantamount to being a traitor – eve if the service has been totally washed down,short of being corrupt.

Government parastatals expect something for anything not considering they are supposed to encourage the vice versa.

I have tried.

True to me however, I began to ask and soul search myself :

But Seun,what’ s your motive?

After a brief “dip” inside, here is what I found.

My motive is soul winning.

Why Pray ?

Would you like to start, have or enjoy a sizzling “fellowship” with God? Prayer isn’t some boring school of “spirituality” many of us have made of it. Prayer in fact is merely an English word,usable grammatically anywhere most especially in court,while making a case or to plead a cause for yourself with a higher rank. But you see,for us as children of God,Prayer means fellowship. In more congenial sense it means “companionship;spending time with… ” . There are several ways you can pray as well as different kinds of prayer but what you won’t find is an iota of dull moment with God once you learn to ” carry ” His presence through fellowship . You truly can enjoy God’s heaven on earth. Here are excerpts from what I shared in service yesterday. Why pray? When the purpose of a thing is unknown,abuse is inevitable. Many of us do not lack the ability to pray,what we lack is the knowledge to pray. Once the purpose of a thing is known,light comes,instant energy is released and such thing can come to its full potential. So are we when we truly understand “why pray”. I’d try to give you in three compact sentences and briefly explain. 1 . God needs you. The journey of coming to the fulfilment of your purpose on earth is in fact a partnership between you and God. “God’s will be done on earth as it’s in heaven” won’t happen if you’re not going to be loyal to Him. See this: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth,to show himself strong on behalf of those who are loyal to Him..” 2Chronicles 16:9. 2. It is required of you . This partnership that we are talking about is contractual. The basic law of contract is that for an agreement to be binding,both parties must each fulfil an agreed requirement. Here’s God’s term : ” if ” my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and PRAY… ” 2Chronicles 7:14 Jesus taught them why men “must” PRAY and not faint..Luke 18:1 3. It’s your only connection. There’s an approved line of communication between God and man. It’s called prayer. Though Hebrews 11:6 states that ” without faith,it is impossible to please God. For he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”. Faith boosts our network connection ; edge or otherwise. Thus our varying degrees of results depends on the strength of our connection . One thing our heavenly father however made sure we have is His “direct” line(Jesus) to call. Have you called home lately? Prayer is one topic I’m most fascinated about. More so because I don’t think it’s a topic, I see it as a journey in God! Really excited to be sharing on this in church (hopefully throughout this month of May) . Do enjoy a fruitful week praying anyhow! #Justpray. I remain humbly yours truly. @seundavolurinde .



I woke up one day and found someone walking down the street having all the colors of christmas on,then some more!Alarming.cos it wasn’t even Christmas..and even on a christmas day you are NOT allowed to wear that.

So I took a yawning look at this fellow and realise to my sudden amusement: its the ‘in’ swag.As of today.

I smiled,walked into my closet and remembered growing up…
All I had to learn when I needed to dress up was :what colors go with what?

Heck you don’t even need that anymore,today.Seem to me like the more riotous you could get the better and more ‘fashion forward’ you are.Today you could even win an award for it.Something you dare not do some decades ago if you don’t want to suffer the grief of a social!

Well I’m so amused to announce to you that today you’ve got NOT to teach your kids how blacks and whites are universal colors.And anything could go on it.If that’s all you got friend you can kiss trend talks with your teens good bye.

You need to learn all the new shades of green,red,purple and orange.Today’s universal’ve got to learn how to match up all those with blue,pink,beige,burgundy and much more.

Yes things got a little bit more complicated.

Well I had to go someplace where am not known as a fashionista but as a customer.Simple.
So I picked my dark brown double butt pocket pants,cream blouse with multi colored embellshments.Red droopy ear rings and red colored pumps.No red bag,I went with cool brown medium sized clutch.
I was set.

now color coding or not I felt good in that collection.nonetheless sometime ago I’d have ‘jeje-ly’ stayed with cream and brown all through.

So color riots,color blocking,color coding.It’s all in the name.
Whenever you need to pull out a collection from your closet,all you need do is remember who you are,what you’ve got and where you are going.



A set up for a come back!

Would be so nice to be back..



I know I’ve missed writing here. However like most “travelling” writers such as I, be sure I’d definitely make it worth the wait.’ve been waiting haven’t you? *smiles*

Yes I’m on my way back and when I do, it will be with so much “gists” you can’t  wait to read.

P.S:Thanks for loving me all the same. I love you too.




Lilian Ekeh, Mutiat Ajadi, Uche Obi-Orumgbe,Lorreta Osuji,Andero Bunmi (in mrs Nwosa’s voice),this Ghanian girl I can’t remember her name now (Caroline Lamptay!) Myself – Seun Oladapo..then came Obianuju Ihekwere.
Mrs Nwosa,class teacher
JSS 1 white,LAGGS.

Fate brought us all together into that half fenced,concrete floored class room. The fourth on the block and the beginning of the “not so cool girls” side of the block.. Soon we’d be judged by our academic prowess,IQ,choice of career,tertiary institutions we attend,marital status and geographical locations..
BUT first, JSS 1 white..our stories began..

*Mutee (as I like to spell your name),dearest..I can’t say good bye. I don’t know how to. I’ve cried,wept,I’ve wailed.. at different times of the days and nights since the news,nothing seem to stop the tears. I’m trying..trying to face the present but it seem “not fair!”. I keep skipping to glimpses of the future ..and plunging back to the past. I don’t want to say goodbye..
Mutee..darling,walk with me back in time again.. to JSS 1 White.

I resumed that faithful morning to Jss1 Purple,as I’ve been earlier placed. Soon news came that a list of us were to be ‘displaced’ to other classes. I was placed in JSS 1 White. Skipping two other classes from purple. Not many of us liked it. I didn’t. However like everyone of us I had no choice. It was later rumoured or claimed – I was too old for Purple class. Soon we’d all come to know Purple as the most prestigious class in the entire school.
Long after we’ve been gone,I realised however,if I was placed in that class for my age,why was I older than 80% of them..Mutee being one?

Anyway..I gallantly moved my personal belongings to JSS 1 White,not being much of a rambustious person,I quietly settled down. To the distaste of the soon to be most loving yet smart,kindhearted and never ending girlfriends I’d have.

Lorreta Osuji made life a living hell for me,Uche Obi-Orumgbe was her ‘wing gal’ at preying me. Caroline was a silent co-hort,Lilian was mostly amused . Andero Bunmi was the most unserious annoying human-girl I knew (a factor that soon endeared her to me among many) Muti..Mutiat as we’d call her then..she I remember with that never ending ‘jestful’ teasing laughter!
She’d make any joke seem 3 times funnier than it actually was. Yet she’s the first to back out when a mischief turns ‘hurtful’ or ‘unfair’.
One thing I could never fault those young ladies for then and now,is pretense. I didn’t like my transfer to White..but I met the most awesome girlfriends of all times in that class I wouldn’t change for the world. And when I count my blessings I count mrs Nwosa ,our class teacher, twice!

* you even remember our first ‘hello’..did it even matter to us anymore after all the years? Could our parents get between us? I still haven’t told mummy about you. I’ve made myself unavailable for any courier info services as to where you are ..what’s happened to you..and endless similar enquiries I’ve got since Saturday. Others can do it.. For now,I just reminisced our first ‘hello’.

Uche was the ‘fairy’ princess *smiles* the last time I saw her,she still is..quite ‘prettysome’. Lol. Lilian,smart studious and gentle. Bunmi,boisterous and industrious. Lorreta,prettiest smile ,quite obvious jaw (we nicknamed her Lori-jaw! Lol)she turned out to be one of the most sweetest girl I knew all through secondary school. Caroline..where in the world is that girl? ( She went back to Ghana). the time Uju joined us,I was part of the ‘crew’. We teased, played tricks and ‘hate’ on her till we were tired. Uju never bulged,never caved in,she was a one girl army who prided herself a lot on her ‘flat chest’ than we cared to challenge her to any duel. Uju was generous. A rich kid with absolutely no airs. We all bonded,threw down our swords and made up. Through Mr.Johnson’s lesson days,garri and ofio parties..cultural dance presentations..dramas,”fash par” (lol) and many many squabbles that were never unresolved. We soon beat our counterparts in other classes through our academic prowess,we won our seats in the prestigious side of school as we were promoted to Jss 2 PURPLE.
Muti,myself and Obinauju. Our friendship waxed stronger. Jss 2 Purple was where we met Chinelo. Another interesting girl in my life.

*Mutee.. It was in this class we experienced many ‘girly’ secrets. Lol..I still remember how proudly you proved to me you now had “the sign” of maturity..what crazy need! But to us then,just to graduate from “bra-tops” to actual “bras” was something..! the years have passed. I remember your first pregnancy,you’d come over to my place at Ikorodu then and we’d gist about “growing babies” (I was already mom of 1)..
I made you up for your wedding..dressed you..all with my then big tommy (pregnant with my first)
You believed in me,make up wasn’t totally your thing but you’d have ME to do it.
We weren’t sisters..we weren’t friends..we were more than both!
WHY did you leave me without a warning? No goodbyes..?

We Are Mothers not Martyrs (2)

Growing up as little african girls we are taught women own ALL the chores in the house. Your inability to carry out those ‘house chores’ is treated like a disease in fact. Little wonder we grow up to become competing “little” women- I can do housework better than you becomes the new race. So much so some even take that as far as child rearing! Wo-men p-lease. Where lies your pride? Who took your relevance? What in the world happened to your PURPOSE? ‘Cos as sure as God is alive you have one too! God told Adam to “tend” the garden and gave ‘you’ to him as help. You are HIS help,NOT ‘house’ help. Whatever he does,help HIM do it. His purpose wasn’t to tend,that’s mere instruction for living. Man’s purpose was to dominate the earth,that’s yours too woman.
Our peculiarities,giftings and bends are what define our rulership on earth.
We clean the toilet because we need it clean for our use,but the ‘use’ of the toilet is not to be cleaned.
Your purpose in life is beyond ‘house chores’ though having a home must come with such ‘benefits’. You are way more than what you’ve been programmed to be. Quit competing for the wrong crown.

Seriously what were you made for? What’s the solution your life was meant to profer?
As women we have moved from finding seeking man’s acceptance.
Eve really should have listened to God herself,not go off to some ‘other’ sneaky,sliming ‘old wife’ to take instructions and corrections which eventually led to her deception!
Stop cleaning up just to “meet up to standards”. Stop stifling your kids just so they “fit” in to someone’s beliefs or social strata.
There’s so much we can do at every given time but we don’t have to do it ALL by ourselves. The Proverbs 31 woman had MAIDS and she got all the praise for it because she knew how to ASSIGN. As women we are multi-tasking,with certain innate leadership skills. Work on it. Learn to delegate,seek and accept help,ask your husband sweetly. (What do you think P.31 had all that “law of kindness” gigs going on on her tongue for?)
Honor your husband,submit to him no man wants a woman with no strengths to submit! Your “take home to mama” qualities must be beyond she cooks,cares and can bear children.
Rise up woman to God’s measure of you. Let His wisdom guide you. Serve your home,love your man with all diligence but do so as “as unto the Lord”.
Children though sweet to have can wear the living daylight out of you. I remember someone used to say to her kids,I’m not mummy for! Years down the line I’ve come to judge her less as a bad mom (yes,don’t we all judge?). Yep today I wish I could tell mine “hey let’s say you or your brother plays mommy today..”(To be continued)

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