Such An Amazing Stuff!

Healthy skin is such an amazing stuff!
Let me talk about that for a while.

It keeps out bugs and withstand mosquitoes bites. It weathers our very harsh weather (tropical heat and hamarttan). It stretches when we put on weight or become pregnant then shrinks back to original fit right after(remember we are talking ‘healthy’ skin oh).

It is self repairing,rapidly healing cuts,scrapes and even surgical incisions. Every month its entire surface is renewed!
How amazing can it get!

Now great make up looks even lovelier on a beautiful,healthy skin. (I know that for sure,I guess you should too by now. If you don’t however,welcome to the club!)
This is why I get so passionate about the subject.

Did I mention a lovely complexion can put all the glitz you need in an otherwise ordinary clothes. Tell me,whoever sees a lovely complexion on a worn,raggedy skin?

Beautiful,healthy skin also brings out in you that extra confidence,that produces the needed aura any hair stylist,clothes designer,make up artists,image consultants,would bend over backwards to try to achieve on you through their work.

Beauty indeed is SKIN deep!

It’s sad that we start paying attention to our skin rather late. Not realising early enough that the skin we take care of in our teens and twenties is what we’d live with by mid life and over.

Here in Nigeria,a dermatologist is almost never heard of.
Not sure if you even ask our kids what profession that is they’d have a clue.
To the general folks ,seeing a skin ‘doctor’ is simply a malady the elites are plagued with.
Indeed many believe you’ve got to own a lot of money to avail yourself of such luxury.
Soon as some come into wealth therefore they believe they can simply buy or acquire a ‘new’ skin.

Healthy skin is such an amazing stuff so much that it is regularly washed,rubbed,pinched and pummeled. Still it stays soft and pliable enough to be nice to stroke.
Even after up to a century of this ‘punishing’ treatment,the worst effects for most of us are the odd wrinkles and an age spot or three.

It pays to pay attention to the most worn ‘cover’ by your human body.
Make healthy skin your priority over anything else in the beauty shop from today.

Do remember,you’ve got to know all you can,then you’ve got to LOOK IT.

There’s a measure of beauty (created specially and uniquely)IN you!


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