African Wives

African wives?Hian! African ‘slaves’ in disguise I call it.
They are courted in misery and married into drudgery. I wonder why they don’t (like some Asian culture) pay their own bride price themselves too.

They believe you don’t marry a man,you marry his family.
Then I ask: why don’t you sleep with the entire family as well?After all,you’ve been ‘bought’.

People (sadly including even sisters) treat a woman with such acrimonious contempt just because she’s ‘iyawo’ (yoruba ,the western Nigeria,word for wife).
You forget that this lady came from a ‘ma’ and ‘pa’ ,just like you. Have sibblings including a brother,just like you. And that she’s a freeborn loved and cherished where she came from,just like you.
So can we please stop this ill treatment of women in the name of being married!

Get your own personal slaves like washing machine to do your laundry. Hire a cook to do your party cooking. Get a personal robot to worship and adore your over inflated ego whenever your ‘husbandy’ rituals (okay,rights) need to be appeased.

For God’s sake stop lording it over a woman because she married your son,brother,or friend!
“Ibi taberu,la bimo” (there’s no difference between a slave and freeborn on a birthing table).

Wives,do honor,respect and submit to your husband no matter the age,social status or IQ. That’s the law of love given to wives by God. However ,note this. You are expected to submit,ONLY to your husband. Family members,nuclear or extended are NOT included.
Nonetheless beware of a man that is already ‘submitted’,submissive or submits to his parents,folks,extended family or friends!
I’ve got so much bubbling in my heart to write about this topic. So much so that I don’t know where to even start. Or what aspect is most in need of address in our present society. Is it In-laws’,husbands’,societal dispositions or the wives’ point of view themselves?
What does the Bible say about this?
How is a woman in Africa different from another abroad?

Help me talk about this.
Your views,observations,questions and additions are most welcomed here.
I think its high time we really talked about this.


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