Marriage is a herculean task. The victories in it are what we make of the stories we share.

On the 21st of March,I looked at my husband-fiance-friend-pastor (counting back to twelve years since we’ve began our journey of love) and my heart still did a flip.
That, I state with all godliness and truthfulness,I lie not.

What I found daring however is,how,after all these years’ hurts,excruciating pains,daunting..wanton faith sometimes,we are not ‘just’ still together but he is still the one.
(okay in that, I lied.*chuckles) He is not exactly the ‘same’ one anymore,but this same,now improved ONE ..I love,I’m committed to,I adore..!

It should be interesting to note that on this particular day..

(Continued in my next post)


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