We chatted and giggled like high school lovers. More about the ‘bloops’ and pains. How I could never fry plantain without burning a batch,(even when all I had to fry was just a batch!)
The long term issue(s) of accommodation. Ridiculous living and surviving expenses. Crazy neighbours. Flat mates,co-house mates and co-workers.
Hard financial times. Days of hitch hiking,bus rides and lapping in ‘molues’ (popularly known mass transit buses in Lagos),not for romance,but lack of adequate fares!

How we went several hours of days without food while pregnant with our first child. Yet I delivered a whooping ten pound plus baby!
How we battled communication issues..many days spent not talking to one another..several months of trying to figure out our peculiar rhythm at SEX..

And an avalanche of hopes,dreams,promises yet to be seen or fulfilled.

That’s just to mention a few highlights of our reflections.

..(Continued in my next post)


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