As we clocked FIVE on our wedding anniversary,prior days were spent reflecting..

I remembered the past years and as I did,my face contorted into several shapes,hues and tones (depending on the particular memory that came to mind ).

Sometime I’d smile wistfully,other times I’d blush gleefully,yet at others I’d frown and my face would be hard-set in a grimace!

I of course knew I’d celebrate somehow, with a post or print somewhere..someday.
However,when I think about what to write when the time comes,what kept the adrenalin shot up my veins aren’t the gooey,bubbly,romantic butterflies thoughts we are all more accustomed to when we share stories of our love life.

Rather its thoughts about the so many ‘bloops’,misses,errors I/we have made,that have,now, all come together to make the FiVE years a SOLID love story.

…(Continued in my next post)


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