Reading these might seem like we had it tough (and oh yes we did). Suffice to say we sure realised it ourselves and it made us SMILE. Gleefully and maybe..a lil’ smugly too!
Yes,we made it! Our twinkling eyes seem to say. Victory is sweet,we sure love its taste in our mouth!

Recently,my husband had an expose meeting set up on “HOW TO FALL IN LOVE”. We realised people often get it all wrong.
Love is not a game,nor an event. Imts not an enigma,or euphoria..Love is VICTORY!

1 cor.13:8!

Incidentally,that week of our anniversary, I fried my first plantain without turning it into a ‘burnt offering’ as usual (who’s the queen now?lol!)

The fifth year of our marriage met us in an apartment we’ve only always dreamt of.
With crazy caring neighbours who are just that – Neighbours.
Not co-workers,house mates or flats mates(if you’ve not been where I’ve been,you won’t understand,period.)

Finally we are learning to stand on our feet steadily financially. No ride of our own yet (again) but we have drivers at our beck and call,anytime.(*wink!* go figure)

While pregnant with our second baby,I had to be counselled several times by medical practitioners and tirelessly by my doctor to eat.
This time there was so much to eat but I resolved not to.
I had one so big when I wasn’t eating,what are the chances of having the next one ,at least,at the same size? I quizzed.
So I concluded I best not eat at all! Lol!

Oh we communicate better now.
We fight like twins and settle like kids.
-the former is forever bound to the other,the latter can’t hold a grudge beyond a moment.

We keep growing at it every day.

In the sex department..hmmm(shy?why shall I shy)..let’s just say I’m not exactly a virgin anymore.( Yaaay…!lol!)
(Continued in my next)


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