I woke up one day and found someone walking down the street having all the colors of christmas on,then some more!Alarming.cos it wasn’t even Christmas..and even on a christmas day you are NOT allowed to wear that.

So I took a yawning look at this fellow and realise to my sudden amusement: its the ‘in’ swag.As of today.

I smiled,walked into my closet and remembered growing up…
All I had to learn when I needed to dress up was :what colors go with what?

Heck you don’t even need that anymore,today.Seem to me like the more riotous you could get the better and more ‘fashion forward’ you are.Today you could even win an award for it.Something you dare not do some decades ago if you don’t want to suffer the grief of a social outlaw.lol!

Well I’m so amused to announce to you that today you’ve got NOT to teach your kids how blacks and whites are universal colors.And anything could go on it.If that’s all you got friend you can kiss trend talks with your teens good bye.

You need to learn all the new shades of green,red,purple and orange.Today’s universal colors.you’ve got to learn how to match up all those with blue,pink,beige,burgundy and much more.

Yes things got a little bit more complicated.

Well I had to go someplace where am not known as a fashionista but as a customer.Simple.
So I picked my dark brown double butt pocket pants,cream blouse with multi colored embellshments.Red droopy ear rings and red colored pumps.No red bag,I went with cool brown medium sized clutch.
I was set.

now color coding or not I felt good in that collection.nonetheless sometime ago I’d have ‘jeje-ly’ stayed with cream and brown all through.

So color riots,color blocking,color coding.It’s all in the name.
Whenever you need to pull out a collection from your closet,all you need do is remember who you are,what you’ve got and where you are going.




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