Miracle Next Door

The thing is God uses people to bless us.
He has put everything we need around us,including our neighbours!
“..Better is a neighbour nearby,than a brother far away.” (Proverbs 27:10)

I have been a recipient of God’s grace and mercy being prominent through my neighbours.
If I had refused,blatantly,the wisdom of God in His word,many a time I’d have gone mercilessly hungry and stupendously loose opportunities.

Many of us stick to the facetious way of living. We keep our ‘silent sufferings’ very comfortable in our already overburdened minds
Many are sitting,living on top of their landed properties and perhaps keys to their next dream car. Yet they call it their ‘downstairs neighbour’.

Your next big contract may perhaps have reached your hand if only you take your next door neighbour seriously whenever he tries to engage you socially.
Now you’d say..”Hmmm..people are bad,can’t be trusted you know,this world is wicked!”

Let me ask,are you a good person?
Do you think good thoughts towards your neighbour? Do you wish him well?
Do you do to him what you’d want done to you..?
Dear friend,YOU ARE THE NEIGHBOUR! Make your world a better place to live in. You are someone’s miracle,living next door..


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