Now i understand why God has a huge distaste for religion.
Seeing a neighbour all dressed up (more like ‘cloaked’ up) brought a bile up, even, to my mouth.
I’m wondering where exactly the real person is at this moment..?Perhaps,God wonders too.
The folly of a gathering that allows people live double lives,still, amazes me. And to think that this lady-neighbour sings in the choir?
“It doesn’t matter ,you can do all you want with your body all through the week..so long as you can cover it all up under ‘the prescribed” cloak,you are as righteous and holy as you can be”.
This seem to me,to be what is being preached.

God looks on our heart ,true,but I wonder what this is really doing to the “poor soul”,my neighbour-lady here’s mind. I wonder whether her heart is even being reached AT ALL. (does anyone care? so long as the choir stall and pews are being filled weekly,they can go to hell there after… Right?)

Doesn’t it bother us that this one may never KNOW God loves her as much on Monday,to Friday and Saturday as much as he does on Sundays too?
That holiness is as much how we live our lives when no one’s watching as it is even when they are glaring down on us.?

I agree there must be ORDER,but nothing more than the code expected of us also (as regards clothing) at our places of work. By no means must we encourage “disguise” by hungry,spiritually parched souls and call it decency.

Holiness doesn’t get anyone to Heaven..RIGHTEOUSNESS does. Holiness is the rich benefit,developed through our walk with God right here on earth!
Without a right-standing with God being holy (by crook or ‘cloak’) is nice looking but FRUITless. You can ask good old Cornelius.

This isn’t meant to attack anybody or doctrines. My purpose here is simply to call our attention to what we are paying attention to. Don’t leave the filth in the pot,while labouring over its look on the outside.
Don’t get satisfied with what you see on Sunday..God is not. Reach the heart with THE MESSAGE that gets the body up and in line all through the week,starting from Monday morning!
-Yours Sincerely.


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