Legging it

pexels-photo-866370.jpegA lot of people know what they want and intend to dress themselves up to suit their intentions,but they lack the knowledge or seldom ask ‘HOW?’
Often time I’ve said, the difference between vogue-setters and vogue-watchers is in the “how”!
There’s a what,where and “how” to every look.
Let’s take for an instance, If you wear a pair of “leggings” to church on a sunday,you’d best be putting on a dress that falls below your back side in length. However this same leggings done with a sash loosely tied around your hips complete with a cropped top and a wide brim hat should set you in a mood for the beach.Its the same item but worn differently to suit ‘where ‘ you’re going.

Talking about leggings,they come in different shapes,shades and styles. We’ve got the Jeggings (denim leggings),that’s an adaptation of the Jeans wear. We’ve the lycra ,cotton,corduroy types..panty hose..pop socks etc.
With all these varieties also comes diversity in taste and most especially, “how” to wear them.

The thing about panty hose (sheer hosiery) is that it’s in the underwear category and shouldn’t be worn otherwise. At best it can be an accessory. Its known as panty hose because it’s seen as an extention of your panties. It hides blemishes, on the legs and could tone down the shock of an exceptionally short dress, skirt or shorts. Difference between panty hose and pop socks is apparent,one is a pant,the other is a sock. Other than that, both can serve the same purposes.

pexels-photo-663437.jpegThe thing about denim leggings is its likability to the Jeans wear. The difference is in texture. One has a sleek snug feeling,the other is ..well stiff. Denim adds class to leggings.
You could wear any of these items with a dress,skirt or extremely short pants.
This holiday season is usually synonymous with extra cool weather. The harmattan season requires more coverage yet cool comfortable fabrics. This makes the dear old leggings one of your most valuable items for now. How? With it you enjoy coverage that a regular trouser/pant can give and the lightness that’s as close as can be to being bare!

The down side of leggings is it can make your skin really itchy when it’s been worn all day. Not to worry this shouldn’t give you a rash unless your skin is already reacting to an infection. Nonetheless,a good moisturiser can help soothe and prevent your skin from being chaffed.
If you already have that painful rash between the thighs however the sheer hosiery is a smart choice to add to your outfits. Simply because it prevents the friction between your thighs while walking and saves you from painful..oh so ‘peppery’ stings of the rash.
Whether you dress for comfort, covering or just to make a fashion statement ,remember,often times what we really need isn’t more clothes,but more ideas to wear the ones we already have.

Be smart,LOOK good!


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