I know a woman,who works 9-5 everyday of the week, gets home 8pm and starts dinner.
Wait a minute. I know not just a woman,I know quite a bunch!
They are mega ‘chores’ stars in their own rights. They know all the corners of work to be done at home and without, their clock never stops.
Maybe you’d know a thing or two about them too. You are probably one if you are reading this.

You wake up stifling a protest right before it sees the light of day just like you. Its not yet dawn but you can still hear the kids’ morning school bells all the same. God forbids that your child be called ‘late’.
You’d brush up,scrub up,wash down,kneel down..
All the ups and downs of the morning having nothing to do with you until its 15 minutes to running late for your job! Kids are set,hubby is now honking,it’s time to go.
One of the chores you must learn to do this weekend is how to do your make ups faster. You mentally note.
The weekend comes and you suddenly realise why that little improvement on you still hasn’t been done. Laundries and loads of home works later,you are totally blue for church.
I don’t blame you if you are reading this sis.. You thought right when you felt this piece might just have been written for you.
I came home one day to discover I’ve been robbed. Someone took my relevance and almost,trained a martyr out of me..

(To be continued)


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