Beyond White and Black

Life is beyond black and white. There are different (oh so different) shades of grey to it!
I can’t help imagining how many shades or hues of testimonies people have about life. While all you see is every kind of ‘gloom’ someone else is all kinds of ‘glee’.
Can you imagine all of us being born with the proverbial ‘silver spoon’? I tell you none would still be contented or as happy as other. From the beginning the creator of heaven and earth made us so. Man AND Woman He made us. Each with his own DNA to propagate the earth. Colour,shapes and fingerprints NONE alike! Yet we just want to make life about whites..and blacks..?
I say it’s folly.

It’s folly to see life from your bend and then absolutely assume everyone can see exactly what you see. Same folly it is that makes a Man and a Woman in Marriage come together as one expecting the other to be exactly tailor made to the description IN YOUR HEAD.

Wait a minute bro no one knows you unless you tell. No one gets you sis till you can express your innermost,sometimes tangled beyond logic,emotions.
Would you quit judging every end you see until you’ve heard all parties and all ‘shades’ matter how apparent the case may be..?

I’ve one too often found myself in situations I once made myself a judge of only to ‘see’ differently when life turned its beam on me.
As for life.. I have seen dark,experienced night. Sometimes it beamed its whites,the greys are held at bay. Yet sometimes you look back,you glance forward and you can neither say its black nor white..grey has come.
Still the sky though grey..will sometimes shine it rays,colourfully bright as The Rainbow. Have Faith my dear.


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