We Are Mothers not Martyrs (2)

Growing up as little african girls we are taught women own ALL the chores in the house. Your inability to carry out those ‘house chores’ is treated like a disease in fact. Little wonder we grow up to become competing “little” women- I can do housework better than you becomes the new race. So much so some even take that as far as child rearing! Wo-men p-lease. Where lies your pride? Who took your relevance? What in the world happened to your PURPOSE? ‘Cos as sure as God is alive you have one too! God told Adam to “tend” the garden and gave ‘you’ to him as help. You are HIS help,NOT ‘house’ help. Whatever he does,help HIM do it. His purpose wasn’t to tend,that’s mere instruction for living. Man’s purpose was to dominate the earth,that’s yours too woman.
Our peculiarities,giftings and bends are what define our rulership on earth.
We clean the toilet because we need it clean for our use,but the ‘use’ of the toilet is not to be cleaned.
Your purpose in life is beyond ‘house chores’ though having a home must come with such ‘benefits’. You are way more than what you’ve been programmed to be. Quit competing for the wrong crown.

Seriously what were you made for? What’s the solution your life was meant to profer?
As women we have moved from finding God..to seeking man’s acceptance.
Eve really should have listened to God herself,not go off to some ‘other’ sneaky,sliming ‘old wife’ to take instructions and corrections which eventually led to her deception!
Stop cleaning up just to “meet up to standards”. Stop stifling your kids just so they “fit” in to someone’s beliefs or social strata.
There’s so much we can do at every given time but we don’t have to do it ALL by ourselves. The Proverbs 31 woman had MAIDS and she got all the praise for it because she knew how to ASSIGN. As women we are multi-tasking,with certain innate leadership skills. Work on it. Learn to delegate,seek and accept help,ask your husband sweetly. (What do you think P.31 had all that “law of kindness” gigs going on on her tongue for?)
Honor your husband,submit to him no man wants a woman with no strengths to submit! Your “take home to mama” qualities must be beyond she cooks,cares and can bear children.
Rise up woman to God’s measure of you. Let His wisdom guide you. Serve your home,love your man with all diligence but do so as “as unto the Lord”.
Children though sweet to have can wear the living daylight out of you. I remember someone used to say to her kids,I’m not mummy for today.lol! Years down the line I’ve come to judge her less as a bad mom (yes,don’t we all judge?). Yep today I wish I could tell mine “hey let’s say you or your brother plays mommy today..”(To be continued)


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