Lilian Ekeh, Mutiat Ajadi, Uche Obi-Orumgbe,Lorreta Osuji,Andero Bunmi (in mrs Nwosa’s voice),this Ghanian girl I can’t remember her name now (Caroline Lamptay!) Myself – Seun Oladapo..then came Obianuju Ihekwere.
Mrs Nwosa,class teacher
JSS 1 white,LAGGS.

Fate brought us all together into that half fenced,concrete floored class room. The fourth on the block and the beginning of the “not so cool girls” side of the block.. Soon we’d be judged by our academic prowess,IQ,choice of career,tertiary institutions we attend,marital status and geographical locations..
BUT first, JSS 1 white..our stories began..

*Mutee (as I like to spell your name),dearest..I can’t say good bye. I don’t know how to. I’ve cried,wept,I’ve wailed.. at different times of the days and nights since the news,nothing seem to stop the tears. I’m trying..trying to face the present but it seem “not fair!”. I keep skipping to glimpses of the future ..and plunging back to the past. I don’t want to say goodbye..
Mutee..darling,walk with me back in time again.. to JSS 1 White.

I resumed that faithful morning to Jss1 Purple,as I’ve been earlier placed. Soon news came that a list of us were to be ‘displaced’ to other classes. I was placed in JSS 1 White. Skipping two other classes from purple. Not many of us liked it. I didn’t. However like everyone of us I had no choice. It was later rumoured or claimed – I was too old for Purple class. Soon we’d all come to know Purple as the most prestigious class in the entire school.
Long after we’ve been gone,I realised however,if I was placed in that class for my age,why was I older than 80% of them..Mutee being one?

Anyway..I gallantly moved my personal belongings to JSS 1 White,not being much of a rambustious person,I quietly settled down. To the distaste of the soon to be most wonderful..fun loving yet smart,kindhearted and never ending girlfriends I’d have.

Lorreta Osuji made life a living hell for me,Uche Obi-Orumgbe was her ‘wing gal’ at preying me. Caroline was a silent co-hort,Lilian was mostly amused . Andero Bunmi was the most unserious annoying human-girl I knew (a factor that soon endeared her to me among many) Muti..Mutiat as we’d call her then..she I remember with that never ending ‘jestful’ teasing laughter!
She’d make any joke seem 3 times funnier than it actually was. Yet she’s the first to back out when a mischief turns ‘hurtful’ or ‘unfair’.
One thing I could never fault those young ladies for then and now,is pretense. I didn’t like my transfer to White..but I met the most awesome girlfriends of all times in that class I wouldn’t change for the world. And when I count my blessings I count mrs Nwosa ,our class teacher, twice!

*Mutee..do you even remember our first ‘hello’..did it even matter to us anymore after all the years? Could our parents get between us? I still haven’t told mummy about you. I’ve made myself unavailable for any courier info services as to where you are ..what’s happened to you..and endless similar enquiries I’ve got since Saturday. Others can do it.. For now,I just reminisced our first ‘hello’.

Uche was the ‘fairy’ princess *smiles* the last time I saw her,she still is..quite ‘prettysome’. Lol. Lilian,smart studious and gentle. Bunmi,boisterous and industrious. Lorreta,prettiest smile ,quite obvious jaw (we nicknamed her Lori-jaw! Lol)she turned out to be one of the most sweetest girl I knew all through secondary school. Caroline..where in the world is that girl? ( She went back to Ghana). Obianuju..by the time Uju joined us,I was part of the ‘crew’. We teased, played tricks and ‘hate’ on her till we were tired. Uju never bulged,never caved in,she was a one girl army who prided herself a lot on her ‘flat chest’ than we cared to challenge her to any duel. Uju was generous. A rich kid with absolutely no airs. We all bonded,threw down our swords and made up. Through Mr.Johnson’s lesson days,garri and ofio parties..cultural dance presentations..dramas,”fash par” (lol) and many many squabbles that were never unresolved. We soon beat our counterparts in other classes through our academic prowess,we won our seats in the prestigious side of school as we were promoted to Jss 2 PURPLE.
Muti,myself and Obinauju. Our friendship waxed stronger. Jss 2 Purple was where we met Chinelo. Another interesting girl in my life.

*Mutee.. It was in this class we experienced many ‘girly’ secrets. Lol..I still remember how proudly you proved to me you now had “the sign” of maturity..what crazy need ..haha..lol! But to us then,just to graduate from “bra-tops” to actual “bras” was something..! Hian..how the years have passed. I remember your first pregnancy,you’d come over to my place at Ikorodu then and we’d gist about “growing babies” (I was already mom of 1)..
I made you up for your wedding..dressed you..all with my then big tommy (pregnant with my first)
You believed in me,make up wasn’t totally your thing but you’d have ME to do it.
We weren’t sisters..we weren’t friends..we were more than both!
WHY did you leave me without a warning? No goodbyes..?


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