I spoke at length to someone today about my vision on #projecteducate as it concerns certain ministry arms of the government.

After taking me through all the bureaucracy, red tapism and the horrendous paper – walks” involved. He asked me a question : but what’s your motive for doing this?

P.erhaps if he had asked using another word such as lwhy” rather than “motive”. I’d have gone into my endless “yearnings” and blown him up with my innate passion to build up our nation and continent. Particularly equipping women to function maximally in their God given roles.

However having been around Nigerians for some decades now and living in the state I currently reside for the past four years. I’ve learnt a thing or two about  that word :”motive”.

I’ve got to pick my words tentatively to see what exactly I’m meant to answer for him.

It could mean :

” madam, what’s in it for the boys, get to the point quickly ”


“Madam, I don’t trust you, you just want to come and chop like any others ”


” I don’t get you. Are you crazy or less busy?”


I blurted out : look, I’m a missionary, Impact is important to me.

Then I went on to describe to him how I’ve done this in different sectors ( particularly commerce) in the state since I arrived and how I’ve volunteered severally without seeking for cause or profits.

He nodded, ended our conversation ( I must have given him an answer) and I left.

However that question left with mr.

Starting with this :

Why can’t people believe in good anymore?

Must there be something for something – in the context of nothing goes for nothing?

Ah! The decadence.

It’s why I got robbed of my dignity while volunteering at the NGO I first served when I arrived in this state.

The idea that I just want to serve humanity was impossible to swallow so co- workers came up with all sort of vices just to see me outta the door! Before I comman spoil market for dem.

Friendship with the opposite sex must have sexual benefits.

Asking questions about the quality of service given you must be tantamount to being a traitor – eve if the service has been totally washed down,short of being corrupt.

Government parastatals expect something for anything not considering they are supposed to encourage the vice versa.

I have tried.

True to me however, I began to ask and soul search myself :

But Seun,what’ s your motive?

After a brief “dip” inside, here is what I found.

My motive is soul winning.


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