We were a church of 10-15 members on paper. 20 was a big number back in December 2014 when started holding Sunday services.

We had no capital nor savings just our faith that God called us to start a church.

Anyone who have had to embark on such a journey before would understand how every little instrument we have is a point for testimony.

We once held a special thanksgiving service just for finding a place for worship on Sundays. Yet it was not our own in too many ways.

So believe me when I tell you that the testimony I’m about to share with you is grand in many ways to all concerned.

Maybe you need to read this in fact, especially if you’re currently working on anything “by faith”.

Coming from the background I just shared, good music (emphasis on good) has been a luxury to us in King Heritage Church.

We mastered the art of corporate clapping,foot tapping and whistling during praise sessions.

We mastered the use of rented keyboards and drum sets to paying amateur keyboardists and drummers. Yet neither the instruments nor the instrumentalists were good. Both demanded our money. We willing gave. Still we had no good music.

Precisely May 2016. I got a word. Psalm 150.

At this time I’d become tired of our state of boring music and mastering substandard methods.

Church as a body had become tired of karaoke praise sessions as well.

We needed a break.

I didn’t know how and somehow, I suspect, I’d become resigned to the lack and felt it was God’s will.

Until I came across the scripture and realised God wanted us to have musical instruments. He wants all the works in music too!

We were doing nothing wrong by desiring a better music experience for our services.

I was overjoyed!

The next service I excitedly shared my revelation with the church. Then took action by leading an effective prayer of faith – declaring the authority in the word ( Psalm 150) and demanding the receipt of our musical instruments.

We thought about it and concluded keyboard is where to start. So we began calling our Keyboard by name every service after that when we pray.

I’d gone to town and checked the particular one we wanted and made a ridiculous down payment for it (less than 15% of the total price).

We started declaring last week of May 2016. By last week in June we had our Keyboard in church!

Until then, every offering or savings we could make couldn’t get us past 50% instalment. We kept declaring and thanking God for our keyboard anyway.

Suddenly from no where a sister and friend living abroad contacted me and said she felt led to give me some cash. I told her the amount I needed to complete our keyboard payment. She agreed and sent it.

Trust the mega thanksgiving we had in church the next service when I shared the testimony.

That was how a church that couldn’t afford good music took delivery of her own ” paid in full” keyboard.

See, we had languished in that want for months.

It has cost us many first timers and unchurched who couldn’t get past the “boring music ” factor.

We were at no where near what we wanted.

Yet we had it all the while we just couldn’t see it.

Soon as we saw, we acted and our decision led to our deliverance.

Friend there’s something about “sight” that’s beyond the usual.

This is why I’d like to share the little I’ve learnt so far about “The Power of Sight ” with you in the next few days. Particularly because July is around the corner again and it’s our month in KHC for the next level. Come 2nd we shall open up the month , the next half of the year and the beginning of our own new year with our vision casting mission strengthening meeting #RaiseTheStandard . An impartation service with Pastor Tunde Akinyemi. Then move fully into the Enterprise Empowered Sundays where Jimi Tewe, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Olumide Oyedeji and my humble self will be used of God to inspire a new generation of young, creative and enterprising adults for significant change in our communities and nation at large. 9,16,23 and 30th July,2017.

No one arrives anywhere significant without a clear picture of where “there” is. Some times you may find no words to describe it but you know it cause you’ve “seen” it. I’m a woman driven and still being driven by vision. As we prepare for July (call this my own testimony time)let me talk to you about “The Power of Sight”. God has brought me this far, I intend to pull as many with me as I can till we all get “there”.

So let’s pick it up from here tomorrow, shall we?

Thank you for reading.



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