I don’t like writing about PD

There are always too many things to write, too many emotions, too many thoughts , eventually it may lead to so many mumbo jumbo of words that should only be in “acts”.

Please note: my emphasis is on the word “too”.

PD is TOO much; Too strong. Too loving; Too trusting; Too believing; Too endearing; Too passionate. Too…too!

I warned you


I met PD sometime in 2005 or perhaps “heard” her voice will be more appropriate. (Biko I’m not talking ‘spiri” things here yet oh).

My first and only memory of my first encounter with her is always that broad authoritative compelling voice of “PDEE”. It’s no fallacy, if you have not heard her, you have not heard her. She isn’t a voice you would miss or forget.

Now on a “spirikoko” level, I can tell you that I hear her loud and clear anytime that matters NOW.

So as I was writing.

I didn’t get to meet her personally until after service one day after many services attended in her branch of the mother church we both belong to.

Emphasis on “branch”.

She met me only to harass me. I lie not.
If you have never been “harassed” by PD, brutally prayed to purpose, emphatically mentored to get on with the program, categorically told to simply lead and unmistakeably pushed to significance not to mention irreversibly raised and finely “exposed” to the supernatural. Nna ,yua notta  shaild of my PD.


Oh yes like I said, she met me after service. Me a prestigious ‘first timer”.  Just introduced by my fiancé (now husband). All I can remember from that destined meeting was her slim fingers indexing firm warning at me. : hey I hear you’ve been planning to take Akin to (so so branch) soora e oh. Akin belongs here. Then came that her trade mark hug and that beautiful wide dentitioned smile.

I loved PD.

So you don’t know PD’s trademark hug?

You need one baby girl, if you’re reading this. It resets. Dassall am gonna say. Ok after I add this: plenty battles have been won/lost in that embrace of virtue. Yes I can tell you that.afterall  I’m her (self acclaimed) “first born”. (oya all my siblings in the Lord, e sue mi!)LOL..

But hey, I wasn’t kidding. There’s an “outpouring” of the spirit, such that kills or raises, whichever grace you need. And that some of us have been privileged to draw from PD. Grace to trample on rejection. Grace to raise the giant on our inside and fan  godly visions to flame.

Dotun Arifalo (Dominion House)(1)

I’ve been privileged to watch and learn while mama prays. That hug  is a trade mark alright.

Hmm.. when will I finish this story like this.

I continue.

The particular meeting I however really want to talk about is the first time we had chance to meet one on one.

I think that day my fate was sealed as a leader. Don’t doubt this. I know I have led before but I knew not that I was “a leader” till I met PD. Trust me those two facts are as different as night and day. But I’m here to talk about my teacher oh, so I can’t teach. (escapes to the next paragraph)

Before coming. I meant before I left my house for PD’s . I had prayed.

Emphasis on prayed.
I don’t mean bread and butter “comman dine the saviour’s calling comman dine..” prayer oh (hmm that was the voice of Charis and CJoy in my head because I know for sure what we sang in my primary school and it wasn’t that). The point here sha is that I did not pray kue kue praya oh.  The kind of prayer I prayed, you wee tink I was going for a revival.

No. It wasn’t  PD’s fault. She  didn’t come off to me as such as a person to get all spooky about. .That “pre-confrence prayer” was purely me. (Ehn ..yes, sis.Martha ..mother Elizabeth emi ni yen). I was far too serious Everything was “serious’ with me. It ought to be , it have to be. That was me. Thank God, the  combo of PD and my husband in my life is a no controversy game changer . You for no even smell me for facebook. I was that serious.

I prayed for PD,I prayed for myself,I prayed for my life and prayed fervently for this meeting. God what is your will for this meeting. Let me not miss it. I don’t usually see a pastor like this. In fact I don’t see any pastor. This one that one fine, Holyghost pastor is so interested in me to call me to her house like this. Lord show me yourself. Reveal your mighty hand .let this meeting not be a waste!

My friend, the only thing that stood out from this meeting after these many years for me would fool you if I do say so. They were mundane, not so serious things. Yet they carved the blueprints of my leadership ordained life for me.

Here they are:

  1. The hug at the door by PD.

( and of course what PD was wearing: A sleeveless black top ,brownish jeans and wig cap)

The supernatural doesn’t have to be spectacular to verify its authenticity. It’s never mystery to see the human side of life with PD. SHES JUST THERE, ALWAYS REACHABLE. Yet potent and effective in her ordination.

  1. The tall glass of carrot juice her husband (PV) made for her to drink.

( yes I always remember that first sight of a homemade, freshly blended carrot made by a healthy-living-conscious MAN for his wife and PD’s grumbled acceptance of the cup and “yuck” grimace when she drank it!)

Imagine! Hmmm, let my husband comman gimme that now and even add ginger and lemon to the concoction. I would gladly lap it up with en”joy”ment. I didn’t say anything oh. Let’s just say I’m PV in this sense (at home).

Dotun Arifalo (Dominion House)

Dear brother and sister that are “called” and planning to get married. What value are you prepared to add to one another? It’s a commitment FOR LIFE. You should go with a “partner” to the place of your calling not just a spouse. A partner is more than a friend or lover. Partners come FITTED for purpose. I don’t care where you are headed, if it’s not my way, we are only sharing a space not going TWO-GETHER.PV and PD is a combo diligently set two-gether by God. You may need to meet them to understand.

  1. The “word” God gave me and confirmed as we saw.

Emphasis on the word.

No I’m not going to share it word for word here oh.

That word is why I’m with PD today. That word is why I’m not a bastard. That word is why I know where I came from and I am not ashamed. That word , still whispered to me in the toughest and most crowded of life’s terrain is bigger than me. I once “ran” away from home. The Word brought me back. I’m not sure I know all there is to know about it but each day I learn and know better by it.

I may not share with you the truth I count private to me. But one thing I know and can share of PD is this: that woman is a phenomenon and  I am eternally grateful to God to have met her.

Many more things to say about PD:

Impact is not a word with PD .it’s an experience.

Mentorship is not a “privilege” with her it is so freely given.

PD is a life lived with many and  is still being lived.

PD is another word for “sold out”; To purpose, to kindness, to humanity, to JESUS.

PD doesn’t just rock she makes the music and hit the blockbuster just so we all can rock too.

I love PD and that’s purely non-emotional. It’s a settled fact of life for me. Emotions can be faked and they can be terrible leaders.

Dear PD, If there’s ever a time you wondered how we came to be , I’m here to say, I am because of God, I will be because of HIM but I am bravely “becoming” (more) through HIM because of you. Thank you. Thank you PD. THANK YOU mama mi. Thank you teacher mi. Thank you Mentor mi.

You cleared the path I can now walk on. Lo I’m building roads there. Someday it might even become as BIG and free as the autobahn but the one who left me a trail to blaze on, was one and ever YOU.


I don’t even know the purpose of this letter… Oh yes it’s an attempt to write about you.

Forgive me if I made no sense.

I just want to write about “PD mi”.

So there was my attempt.


  • Your grateful daughter and through God, forever friend and vision supporter.




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