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Don’t get me wrong.
I think “poetic” love above money is over rated.
Holly,nolly,bolly and all the woods have totally portrayed love wrong. If you base your love life solely on what you watch or read on screens alone (social media contents inclusive!) my dear friend you jones.

Especially to my saved brothers and sisters,I have word for you.
I’m yet to find a love story in the bible where the man is said to be so broke he couldn’t provide for his woman. Even Nabal the most foolish guy in the good book had money just not enough sense!

You need sense.

Work on yourself. Develop your goals and achieve them. Stop having “visions” alone start working out your salvation with fear and trembling.Love and romance can be mistaken as one and the same but after marriage,all doubts(and star stucken-ness)shall be made clear.

Love is an action. It goes beyond sweet talks and chocolate menu writings.Love comes with responsibility(ies). Love endures . Love wins.These are not characteristics of a lily livered man (or woman).

Love gives.val-love

If you’re looking for romance you can find that any where. You just be creative.That’s why players can get away with so much lies in one day.

However don’t bring that to the kingdom.Don’t fill up sisters with the spirit of your visions but no work. Faith without work is null. Build some muscle bro. Go get  a job. Earn and win home some bread. Plan ahead for the future.

If you’re not married,sister,nothing do you. Stop reserving your brain for “when you get married”. Do something worthy of a chase with your life. Prepare your place in a palace and your king will find you. Stop wearing around long faces,feeling incapable. Earn your worth.

Don’t get me wrong.

Love mustn’t be rated by money. However the stress of  love without money ‘kills’ LOVE.


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